Established in 2013 by Dylan Berends, Tower Business Advisors provides client-focused business advisory, accounting services, goal setting, and ATO compliance. Guided by “Build Better Business” and values like technical expertise, holistic approach, and efficiency, Tower’s flexible work style and streamlined processes set them apart.

For the logotype, we opted for a rounded, all-caps typeface that strikes a balance between friendliness and strength. The secondary logotype, stacked to create a tower-like structure, reinforces the brand’s identity and uniqueness.

After completing an in-depth brand strategy for Tower, we crafted a brand identity that’s both visually appealing and easily relatable. Our primary focus was on creating a series of brand statements that resonate with Tower’s ethos, and we accompanied each statement with playful yet gender-neutral illustrations to enhance their impact.

The overall goal for the visual identity was to exude an approachable yet robust demeanor, reflecting Tower’s commitment to being a dependable and empowering partner in every client’s journey.

Project Scope: Strategy, Identity, Art Direction, Print Materials, Signage. Illustrator: Totally Okay. Motion: Stephen Grace.