We worked with wellness brand Shikoba Therapies to create a visual identity that represents their ethos. Their range of therapeutic products combines essential oils, herbs, and alternative techniques to enhance physical and spiritual well-being. This unique balance inspired brand aesthetics for a clientele that practice self-care, ritual, and natural therapies.

With a niche product and audience who practice wellness daily, it was important to look closely at where else this demographic shop and what they are attracted to. This trail of research led to us exploring outcomes, with a final execution of two typefaces, Romana for its distinctive cuts and Sporting Grotesque for its attitude and minimalist design.

Art direction followed for all photographic shoots, using natural environments and candid poses of the products being used in daily life. To tie everything in primary brand colours of black and ivory deliver an effortlessly elegant aesthetic.

For Shikoba Therapies to be ready for market, we designed an e-commerce website, which ties in beautifully with on-going social media content, artwork and promotions.

Project Scope: Identity, Art Direction, Website, Social Media. Product Photography: Stitch Productions. www.shikobatherapies.com